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Al-Fatah Urban Co.op. Credit Society Ltd. Miraj

Al-Fatah Bank is an Indian state-owned banking and financial services company. Al-Fatah Bank is located in Miraj, India.The bank offers financial services to customer agent covering large and mid-sized corporates, MSME, agriculture and retail businesses.The promoters of Al-Fatah Bank have a long-term commitment towards their customers. These strengths and values have been inherited by Al-Fatah Bank, as we make our way to become the next rising star in the India.

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Everyone at Al-Fatah Bank have been friendly and helpful. As a new customer I appreciate the friendly service and making me feel I am a valued client.

Imran shaikh

My experience with Al-Fatah Bank has been very accommodating for they have online banking. When I need to transfer funds and pay bills it can be done at my convenience.

Mahewish Sayyad